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Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic term is used to describe the transfer and control of forces and displacement by fluid. Hydraulic fluid can contain synthetic mineral oil, synthetic or flammable, which can be used in all machines and equipment.

Hydraulic oils are the most important lubricant group after engine oils. Approximately 15% of world-class lubricants cause hydraulics.

Compressor Oil

The compressor title is associated with the gas that it wants to compress. Air is the most common gas that is compressed, but there are other gases that are compressed. These gases include natural gas, ammonia gas, gas frying, hydrogen, and others

In compressors, the main bearings, rolling bearings, gears and other components, such as motors and hydraulic pumps, require lubrication.

Soluble Oil

These fluids are used to lubricate the drill and work piece as well as cool them. These fluids include mineral base oils with additives, soluble oils, semisynthetic oils and synthetic oils.

Oil is a major part of every machine tool. Longevity of machine tools and oil depends on the choice of suitable oil, maintenance program and proper preventive maintenance.

Engine Oil

The petrol engine oil by full synthetic base oil and suitable additives is a superior product for the 2011 model year-range vehicles with temperatures ranging from -42 ° C to the highest engine temperatures.

Excellent lubrication and lubrication, preventing sediment and sludge formation, wear protection and a significant reduction in fuel consumption from the properties of full-synthetic oils.

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